Monday, March 29, 2010

Scheduled recording and S3

I should add - now that I've got the tuner in tip top working order I tested a scheduled recording. Happy to say that it all goes without a hitch. The HTPC wakes from S3 state (see a few minutes before the show is scheduled, makes the recording and then shuts down gracefully.

A click on the mouse, keyboard or case power button will wake it instantly. A drawback with the video card I have is that it has no connection to the power button on the PC (some of the slightly more expensive ones do have it), so the remote can't wake the PC - one day I'll change the card so that it does this. Its something that I'd look for if I knew at the time (that, and a full numbered keypad on the remote!).

For an old XP person like me, this is nearly a bloody miracle - although XP can do S3 if your hardware supports it, making it work and wake up is not easy.

It seems that S3 is integrated into Windows 7 so that you can make much more use of it.

I've learned a little but about that thing called "Freeview" and now know why I don't want it. I'll tell you about it later on.

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