Monday, March 29, 2010

DVD Artwork and Synposis

A few other things of interest:

When ripping a DVD using DVDShrink, it goes into the movies library no worries, but there is no artwork or synopsis included (i.e. like if you rip a CD, all of that magically appears).

Get the DVD ones from - ignore all of the gumph about having to download some Windows client... not sure what it does and the password that  thought I needed to use didnt work anyway.

You don't need to install anything.

Just become a member (its free), login and search for the movie - once you've found it, click the "Download XML" button that looks greyed out.

Get that little XML file and put it into the subdirectory where your movie is and Media Centre will pick up the artwork, synopsis, reviews and even similar movies. Not sure where from, but who cares?

4/5 ths of the XML files work, the remainder still draw a blank - not sure why, I figure that the servers that the artwork comes from are probably not 100%.

If you've got hundreds of movies, then I'm sure there's a way to automatically get the XMLs, but this way will do me fine, since the movies that I keep have been purchased, there are not that many of them.

Having said that, I have got a few that are not G rated. I'll need to find some way to prevent my 5 year old from viewing them.

BTW - I've taken all the ads of this blog. No-one was clicking on them anyway :-)

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