Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nearly done...

On the weekend I plugged in the digital tuner for the first time. The only PCI type that Octagon had was a Compro Vista T100. I took the full sized bracket off temporarily to make it fit.

Unfortunately, it wont tune to channel 9 or Go. Can't say I'm all that suprised, as digital reception isnt great with our antenna - and the cable is split about 5 ways on the way down to the living room which doesnt help.

So rather than keep trying tuner cards until I find one which works, we'll bite the bullet and get the antenna replaced. The guy from Jim's Antennas is coming on Saturday for a quote.

Now... I'm sort of suspicious about Antenna guys. Call me mistrustful, but after dealing with TV bracket installers who seemed to be a bunch of con-artist rip off merchants, I'm sort of thinking that Antenna guys might be the same... a bunch of laid off insulation installers.

Posted a bit on DTV forums to learn a little bit about what a good installer does - so hopefully I'll recognise a spiv who wants to just slap up a cheap antenna, charge me a grand and disappear, leaving me still missing channels.

So this reception problem is sort of preventing me from declaring my project finished. Having said that, Dear Reader, I still havent shown you the finished product!

This weekend I'll show you what it can do. Pics and maybe a Youtube video of it fully installed and running in the living room.

Tell you what.... it knocks the socks off a TiVo!

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  1. Hi

    Interesting to read your experience in assembling this, mate!

    Good Luck, hope everything works for you. About to start one of my own.

    Waiting for the videos from you.