Friday, March 26, 2010

Blowing away 'smoke' from the tuner

I got a helpful tip off that the washed out colours on the video from the tuner card has nothing to do with the card itself and everything to do with the codecs and gamma settings on the video card.

I'd installed the video drivers with just the default settings and hadnt had any reason to adjust them, since the picture on everything except TV was fine.

Went hunting through the settings, found the gamma setting (whatever that is) and unticked Auto - instantly the blacks became black again rather than grey and the smokey haze that seemed to permeate the video dissappeared like magic.


Also, since its not the tuner card, I unwrapped the remote control that came with it and plugged it in. Naturally it didnt work. Rebooted and still didnt work. Checked the driver and set it to the right remote type. Still didnt work. Reinstalled the software again and this time it worked.

Goes to show - it pays to be persistent.

Antenna guy is coming around on Saturday to do the antenna. I'll test out the waking and going to sleep when the recording timer is set.

I need it to wake from S3 sleep to record and then put itself back to sleep again when its finished. This has a reputation for being a bit tricky.


  1. Hi there, I read all your posts in this blog and must comment, very well written. I'm a software developer myself and know a fair bit about software and hardware BUT I still could'nt bring myself to take the risk and assemble the PC all by myself (actually scared of assembling the CPU and Motherboard). Great Effort! One advise though, as much as possible avoid reinstalling Operating System until the very last resort. Also remember there is System Restore that restores your PC to restore points before a wrong update/patch was installed.

    Great blog, Great writing. I'm eagerly awaiting updates to your Project. Best of luck!

  2. Awesome blog, well done on getting it finished. I hope to start on mine in a few weeks and will be using your experience as a guide.