Saturday, March 20, 2010

Basically finished!

Here we go - sorry about the quality of the video, we dont have a camcorder and the camera that is recording this needed to be switched to low res, otherwise it generates HUGE files, hundreds of megabytes in size.

Here are some higher res photos of what it looks like on the screen - click on them to see close up.

Nice huh?

I have to admit that the Compro tuner card picture is a bit washed out, so given that its bracket is the wrong size anyway, I think I'll sell it off and try another brand. Anyone got recommendations? I thought maybe Leadtek... that Scandinavian sounding brand starting with an H is kind of expensive.

At the moment, I'm controlling it all with a wireless keyboard and mouse, but I can set up Media Center to autostart, and set the whole PC up so that it only ever sleeps in S3, not shuts down completely - so controlling day-to-day stuff with a remote should be sweet.

Might even get the WAF score up to 9!

Antenna guy came today. Will probably go with Jim's Antennas from Beverly Hills. The person from Nu-life was an hour late, despite giving an initial window of from 8 - 12... then gave a cock-n-bull story about walking around on the roof to get the best signal, but then the quote said he's be using the existing mast.

I guess the best thing about building a HTPC is that its never really finished. I'm looking forward to toying with it for years to come.

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