Thursday, May 6, 2010

Avatar - the ultimate Blu-ray challenge

I've been hearing that the Avatar Blu-ray has already gained a reputation for being unplayable on many HTPCs and even commercial BD players - as the Avatar BD uses a new type of copy protection that may need a software/firmware update.

Too bad if you've got a player that can't update firmware.

I couldnt resist the challenge and hate the idea that my beloved HTPC couldn't play something... I need to know! So I bought the disk from JBHiFi for $24.95.

Anyway - happy to report that it played flawlessly. Surround sound and all. Heh - I should have rented it!

The previous software update from Cyberlink was around 6 weeks back or so - so maybe that was the Avatar patch.


  1. Congrats on winning the BluRay challenge! ;-)
    And thank you for documenting your HTPC building process. I'm very tempted to attempt something similar.
    I've ben looking for devices that will do everything i want, but at the least I will have to buy two devices. Building my own HTPC might solve that problem.

    Thanks again

  2. My pleasure - I'm just glad that people are finding it of interest.