Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tuners - where to start?

Well I was up pretty late last night researching these darn TV tuner cards.

Without exception, all of them seem to have drawbacks. Even the pricy Hauppauge - as it doesnt come with a remote effectively adds another $50 onto the already $200 price tag.

Looked at brands

Even a couple from DealExtreme, Geniatech USB or something!

...and probably some others that I've forgotten.

The consensus seems to be that most of them (except Hauppage) are shoddy with bad software.

That being the case, I may as well buy one of the cheapest and hope for the best.

I nearly decided Leadtek DTV1000S on but I think that I'll go with a ASUS PCI MYC-P7131 which is $25 at MSY... mainly because it seems to have some Linux support (according

For $25, its not too much money wasted if its no good. Like all of them, the reviews are mixed. I hope the remote control is decent and/or can be replaced with something better.

On the same trip, I'll pick up a Hitachi 1T HDD and a Samsung Blu-ray combo

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