Sunday, March 7, 2010

Controlling the HTPC from another room so my wife doesnt get annoyed with me

Rather than run up and down the stairs with the box (there is nowhere safe to keep it upstairs from my marauding 4 year old son), I plugged in a wireless USB network card and controlled it remotely from the main computer upstairs.

Used the free program called LogMeIn... works like a charm.

Played its first DVD for a test - works well. I made sure it was region unencoded disk so that the player doesnt start locking to region 4. I need to research how to prevent Blu-ray disks locking the firmware on the player too.

For DVDs, I always use DVD43 to prevent a DVD trying to encode the player's firmware. I don't know whether there is an equivalent for Blu-ray.

I've been trying to think of better names for these two computers - something sort of like the Father PC being the old rebirthed 5x PC from upstairs and the HTPC the young, glamour puss.

If you can think of something, make a comment and let me know.

Just got to get a remote control and that TV tuner card. A keyboard and mouse can wait for the time being.

Then I need to tackle to issue of getting it to go to sleep and wake up - these are software problems, that can be harder to deal with than hardware.

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